Club Events Calendar

December 4th (Saturday) – Meat Raffle @ 2PM – View Point Bar & Grill

December 18th (Saturday) – 4 Seasons Recreational Club meeting @ 10AM at club building, Meat Raffle @ 2PM – View Point Bar & Grill

January 1st (Saturday) – Meat Raffle @ 2PM – View Point Bar & Grill

Our Club

The 4 Seasons Recreational Club was formed in January of 1990. Our original goal was to create a trail system between area businesses which would connect to Douglas County Trail #41. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping our Trail #3 in top condition. We work closely with the Wascott Tourism and Development Association to attract recreational traffic and keep our trails safe and in great condition. We are also dedicated to the improvement of the Wascott Ball Park where our club building has been built. Each year, we donate generously to many good causes in our area.

Our Trail #3 is approximately 11 miles long, connects at least 10 local businesses, and joins Trail #41 at both ends. The trail is only partially funded and is maintained by our club.  As of July 1, 2021, we are maintaining Trail #41 from the Burnett / Douglas County line north and east to the Wild Rivers Trail near Gordon as well as Trail #541 from County Road Y north across the Gordon Dam to Trail #5.  This adds 24 more miles of trail that we maintain.

We are committed to our community and have completed numerous projects over the years.

Thank you for visiting our web site, and we look forward to seeing all of you on our trail… Please ride safely…